WHAT IS VyNCHER? To all the venture seekers, broke college students, and our parents’ Facebook friends, this is Vyncher. Vyncher is a blog that showcases unusual hobbies and adventures. Its focus is on abandonments, water holes, tunnels, and hikes, with the occasional post about some crazy ideas for fun (such as climbing cranes and slip ‘n’ slides off house roofs). Vyncher started as a high school hobby, where Brendan, Jacob, and Andrew wanted to find creative ways to entertain themselves without spending much money. They preferred paying for a tank of gas in order to explore over buying a movie ticket or going bowling. Since the team is from the Bay Area, most posts are concentrated in that area, but the team is always ready for a long drive. Vyncher’s goal is to inspire others to get off their couches and explore what is around them. You don’t need to be rich or have sponsors to adventure, all it takes is a car and some friends. While locations are not disclosed on this site, Vyncher hopes people can use the site to locate these places themselves. Half the fun of adventuring is finding spots on your own. New posts every Sunday at 7:00PM.